Days 6&7: My Weekend + Paramount Cafe

(A charcoal bun burger. Great burger, but the charcoal in my food is slightly ominous) 

Hooray! Finally, it has stopped raining in Sydney!

These last few weeks we’ve had some horrendous storms, to the point that it has been virtually impossible to go outside. So, it’s about time that we had a weekend with some decent weather. I was starting to feel like Sydney was going to permanently look like this:

Don’t worry, this picture is 100% fake…for now

Fortunately, this weekend we’ve lucked out with some great weather; sun both Saturday and Sunday, as well as being warm enough that I could get away without 10 layers of clothing…Okay, so Sydney actually doesn’t get that cold, but for someone who’s a bit of a chicken about the cold, it feels that way.

So, taking advantage of this lovely weather, I decided to not only continue de-cluttering my room but also catch up with a few friends. On Saturday we ended up going to this great cafe in Surry Hills called Paramount Coffee Project which is where Paramount Cinema’s head office used to be. It’s a really funky looking building. Although Paramount Pictures is gone, it’s been replaced with a vintage-style cinema and bar, called Golden Age, as well as this groovy cafe. I’m hoping that if I have time in the next few weeks, I can catch a film there since they show a lot of old cult films and the vintage aesthetic of the cinema looks like it would be a fun experience. If you’d like to see some photos and read more about the history and design of Paramount House, you can check them out here. It’s a really interesting read.

Back to the cafe. Again, like the rest of the building, it’s groovy as. It has typical modern white and light wood minimalist decor and a really refreshing feel. It pretty much looks exactly like I’d like my room to look like if I lived in a room big enough to be a café haha. Lots of space and light – two things I don’t have enough of in my room, but I’m looking to move some of my furniture around this break to make it a bit more spacious and functional; putting my desk in the spot with the least amount of light and then bed in the spot with the most light was not the smartest idea, I’ve realised.

Food wise, I wasn’t that fussed. I was more interested in catching up with people I haven’t seen for yonks than with  what I was eating. The coffee was great, and I was tired from a late Friday night that any coffee I had that day was amazing, but I wasn’t that stoked with the food. It seemed overly healthy. There were things in it that made me feel as if I was eating my five a day in the form of a breakfast muesli bar. I consider myself to be a fairly healthy person (unless there’s Tim Tams in the fridge) and I love a good porridge, but I prefer my porridge to be creamy with lots of banana, honey, nuts, sugar and all that fun stuff. This was nice, but it didn’t give me the warm cuddly feeling I want my food in winter to give me.  If you’re interested in checking the place out, this blog does a great write-up here.

I feel I’m just not catching onto this brown rice & rhubarb compote porridge trend that’s appearing in Sydney. This is the third time this season I’ve ordered porridge and been presented with rice instead of oatmeal. Any day now I’m expecting to order a fried rice that comes with oatmeal.  Hey, with all the weird food trends I see on Instagram these days, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Speaking of Instagram and the weekend, I often wonder, with all the food photos I see when I look through my feed, if people actually eat the food, or just take photos of it. I know how long it takes to get a decent shot of your food. By the time you’ve done that it’s cold and ugh. It often feels like the flavour and taste of many of the things we eat is being sacrificed for ‘looks’. Brown rice oatmeal with all these condiments looks great compared to traditional oats but it certainly doesn’t taste any better, and, for me, so-so food is not worth an instagramable pic. Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally a victim of instagraming my food too, (who doesn’t love pictures of food) but are we getting to the point that we’re making food for the purpose of being instagramable?

I’ve had many stunning-looking gourmet sandwiches and burgers in my life  that haven’t tasted that great. One of my favourite things that my dad makes is simple old spagbol. It isn’t one of the most attractive looking things but boy it tastes great. I feel instagrammability vs taste is even more of an issue when it comes to dessert. Massive, extravagant desserts generally don’t taste that good.

How have I come to this realisation you may ask? Well, I have a lot of friends who have turned 21 this year, so I’ve gone to a lot of 21sts. This means I have seen many extra-large, extravagant cakes which are stunning to look at. All the cake-cutting photos and whatnot are gorgeous and highly instagramable. But, most people leave their piece pretty much untouched, and that’s because a majority of the time these fancy cakes don’t taste great. Now, I love dessert and will always choose the sweet over the savoury, but I’d rather have an average, normal looking cake or pudding that tastes bomb than some sort of eatable thing that resembles a hat from the races or something like this:

Betty Crocker, why?????

This bread is from an exhibition at the New South Wales Art I went to last year. It’s bright, colourful and incredibhotographic – I didn’t have to edit the photos for this – the colours are so bright, which is exactly like the rainbow cake trend. The only difference is this bread is 44 years old. Yum. Now, I’m all for art, art is great, but if my 21st birthday cake looks this good after 44 years, I’m going to be concerned about what’s in that cake.

My point is that this trend of ‘photographic’ food often leads us to us buy food which doesn’t taste good and is more expensive than the less instragramable versions. There’s nothing wrong with basic poached eggs on toast, porridge with oats and cakes that don’t have 7 different coloured layers.

So, whilst brown rice porridge is an interesting experience, I think I’m going to settle this winter for having my non-fancy, non-adulterated oatmeal like this:

As I was taking this photo, she kept trying to drink my coffee, sniff it, then look at me disparagingly for not having something more appealing in there for her.


How has everyone else’s weekend been?

Alana 🙂