Day 5: A quick update on my decluttering

(I may not have perfect skin, but these lemons do. I also just felt like I had to find a refreshing image to match my refreshing feeling after all the tidying up and since it’s pouring and flooding like no tomorrow in Sydney, I was not going outside to buy some.)

Cleaning out my room has never felt so good.

I have found so many things that I didn’t even realise I owned and got rid of so many seriously outdated products. So far, I’ve cleaned out all my makeup, skincare and two of my old “stuff drawers”- which were absolutely chock-a-block full of random stuff. I’m never going to need to buy a pen for the rest of my life, I have that many.

So, because whilst it’s fun telling you about my cleaning up process and the joys I’m getting out of it, I thought, why not take a few pictures so you can see what I have left and what I think I still need…just a warning, if you are not that interested in makeup or skincare, this is probably a tad boring for you and don’t worry I will have many more storage tips for all different things  in the coming weeks!

Numero Uno: Makeup


As you can see, I really don’t have that much makeup. I’ve got a few concealers, nail polishes, lip glosses, blush and a range of eye products. I tend to go for neutral colours with a bit of pink/orange because that’s what I think looks best on me. Then again, the only lipstick I seem to have and always wear is a bright red Bobbi Brown one, which definitely is not au naturel looking! Also, I just realised, that I don’t even have a foundation in here. Well, considering I’ll need one at some point before I go to another 21st, which trust me is probably in a day or two time since everyone I know seems to be turning 21 at the moment (except me!), if you have any recommendations for a good foundation, please let me know! 🙂

Also, if you’re wondering where I got these makeup dividers from, I bought them from a place called Howard’s Storage World ages ago, but I imagine you could get them from any Target or equivalent. I personally love them because I can put them in a drawer (like I have here) and still see everything, and if I spill something I can just take everything out and wash the divider in the sink because it’s plastic. Before anyone asks, I prefer to put my makeup in a drawer so it doesn’t get dusty. When you live in the city, everything gets dusty so quickly and I’d rather that the stuff I put on my face stays as clean as possible!

Also if you don’t want to buy a specific makeup storing divider, just use a cutlery or stationary divider- it does virtually the same thing and it is much cheaper! Anything that’s marketed towards makeup or “women” always happens to be much more expensive. Before I got the divider, I used to just use a variety of different sized cardboard boxes which I stuck together to have my own sort of DIY divider. 🙂

Numero Duo: Skincare


This is all my skincare, no more, no less!

I am in love with everything Aesop’s products. They works great with my skin, they don’t cause me to break-out or anything and I have super sensitive skin so something gentle that doesn’t result in a strange rash or sea of pimples is a win win in my books. If I do have a break-out then there’s always some good old benzoyl peroxide haha!

Storage wise, I have a few of these tubs from Ikea, which are fantastic. Just like my makeup dividers, they’re hard plastic, so if I spill anything it’s super easy to clean up. If you haven’t noticed already, something that’s easy to clean is super important to me because I spill lots of things. The other great thing about these tubs is that they have cut-out handles which makes it easy for me to pick up since I put the whole tub under the sink. So, all I need to do is just grab the tub and everything is at my disposal, there’s no search through drawers. I can’t find the exact tub on the Ikea website, but it’s pretty similar to the one here, if any one is looking for it.

I also have a metal stationary thing (no idea what it’s called), to put some of my smaller tube shipped products in and tools like tweezers, which I didn’t need for all my 100s of pens and so repurposed for here. I’m pretty certain I bought it from Office Works, where I get most of my stationary.

If you don’t know much about Aesop, then you might be wondering why I don’t just keep them in the shower? Well, nearly everything Aesop (except shampoo and some creams) come in glass, which means if you’re a bit clumsy like me, having wet glass bottles in the shower is a bad idea- I haven’t smashed one yet, but I’m not taking any chances! Especially when you’re paying $40-60 a bottle which is a lot, but it lasts a long time.

So that’s some of the stuff that I have been doing with my makeup. I’ve also been selling some jewellery online which has gone fairly well and I’ll write a post about that shortly because I feel like it’s one of those things where there isn’t that much information about selling mid-range jewellery, most of the articles I read were all about selling high end pieces, which is not me!

So I hope this gives you a few storage ideas or some inspiration to part with a lot of your old and never used products as well as show that you don’t need a lot of makeup to get by, unless you love makeup in which case as I always say, “you do you”. I was thinking of maybe doing a post running through my skincare/makeup routine, so if you’d like to see that or if you have any cool storage ideas that you use, please leave a comment down below!! 

Alana 🙂


Day 1: the make-up makeover

(The mess that is my makeup feat. the king of poor judgments, super tan Mac foundation.)

I. Have. So. Much. Makeup. It Hurts.

For a single person who barely wears makeup to own as much as I do is insane. I have piles are piles of eye shadows, blushes, foundations, lip liners and lots more other things I both don’t know why I own or even how to use them. I know the saying, ‘eyebrows on fleek’, but if you’ve ever seen me try to attempt eyeliner then you know it’s a godsend I don’t attempt my eyebrows.

So, what do I do? Well for starters, I’m going to have to be ruthless. I don’t need that one shade of darker foundation that I’ve had for 5 years because I thought that one day I’d be tan (lol). I also don’t need 10+ fluro blue nail polishes that I’m holding onto because one time I needed them for my UV light rave debut. Why do I need to hold onto 6 nail files? One for each nail that I never file of course! So, I’m going to have to put my game face on and say bon voyage to that fake tanner that never worked and accept the fact I’ve never going to be tan enough to wear mac NC20, which for you makeup illiterates out there is the 3rd lightest colour (again lol).

Okay, so getting rid of it – check! But why do I have it anyway? I often feel terrible throwing things away, especially when I know how much I paid for them (I’m talking to you Napoleon Perdis lip glosses I’ve never worn), but why? If I don’t wear them anyway, and many of these products are probably out of date by now, so I can’t use them anyway, then why should I feel bad about getting rid of them?

Shopaholic’s Guilt! Ta-da! I think the fact I often feel awful throwing or giving away things I cannot use or don’t need anymore is because they were a negative purchase. Since I don’t shop for makeup much of my own accord, makeup for me is often an impulse buy, when I’m out with friends. We go into a Sephora or Myer’s and all my friends know and understand how these things work and I don’t, and if I don’t understand or care how makeup works, then am I not woman enough?

So, I get into this panic, where rather than saying to myself “hey, I’m fine with my sunscreen that’s pale enough to double as foundation and that one mascara and lipstick for those 3-4 times a month I go out”…I instead go “wtf is contouring?…Wait…Do I need to be contouring?…How does one contour?…I have nothing to contribute to this conversation, but this product is endorsed by KK so if I just buy it, no one will notice my lack of feminine knowledge”. This is followed by what I often call, ‘the great realisation’, where I watch 1 youtube makeup tutorial and then realise I don’t have time for this $50 shit. 

My advice of the day: If you’re foundation comes form the Cancer Council, you don’t need a bronzer.