Hey there!

I’m Alana. A not-so simple, 20 year-old uni student from Sydney on a quest to declutter her life, and hopefully learn a wise trick or two along the way.

My passion is learning. I am a mass consumer of content. I love the news, blogs, vlogs, essays, books, galleries, documentaries, films, tv shows…anything where I can discover something new about the world.

I also love to write. I wrote excessively at school about anything I could think of and now study literature at university (among other things). And this year, for the first time ever I co-wrote a play, which I had the great pleasure of directing, also for the first time!

So, welcome to my blog. The place where I hope to write about everything I love and what I have learnt and continue to learn on this journey I call ‘being 20, growing up & realising I should tidy my room more often’. C’est la vie.

Read the beginning of my journey here! 🙂