Blogging: Why it took me so long to start!

(I’ve always loved this photo. It’s of these meringues my family ate years ago in Paris, and I’ve always just loved their bright colours. I wish we had meringues like this in Sydney or there was a recipe for them!)

As many of you already know, I’m fairly new to blogging.

I’ve never kept a consistent diary or journal and have often struggled to even keep daily log books for my assignments (oops). For years, friends and family have encouraged me to write more regularly, take up writing competitions or even consider written-based professions. So why didn’t I?

Well the problem isn’t that I didn’t have anything to say, it was just that didn’t know how ‘best’ to say it. I thought than rather enter a writing comp today, it was better to wait until I had a perfect idea, and then once it’s fantastic I’ll write it. The problem: I had many great ideas but I was too fixated on how to start them. I have spent, and will continue to spend countless hours fiddling and rewriting the first sentence of an essay opening before I feel like I can write anything else, and if I can’t find that perfect one sentence opening, become very disheartened and sometimes give up.

It’s so silly how whether or not my first sentence is amazing can determine if I continue writing that essay or story, when in fact, it’s the other 2490 words which are probably the most important. Yeah, a great opening is important, but not to the detriment of what you’re actually writing about. This is why it took me so long to start a blog. I felt like I needed to have a perfect plan, and some grand idea about where it was going to go. I needed to have a topic and a particular ‘image’ which I could never ever stray from. If I was going to write about design then I can’t write about beauty, if I’m going to write about my life, then I can’t write about tech and so on, and I actually wholeheartedly believed this, worried that if I ever strayed from my blogging ‘box’ that something bad would happen, which is surreal, it’s my blog and my thoughts after all.

It wasn’t until I was sitting down and explaining to my friend over coffee that I didn’t know what was the ‘best’ thing I should write about. I have so many interests and so choosing one category that I was constrained to for the rest of my blogging life seemed unrealistic and daunting. Her response: “Just start. Your writing and blog will change over time and that’s expected because you’re changing over time, so don’t worry about it, just start already“, and so I did. I decided that I wanted to make some changes to my life, the number one being: adopting a more minimalistic lifestyle and the second being: to write more and actually pursue my passion for writing. I have no idea where that will take me, and all I can do is share my experiences of where I end up.

When asked by friends, what specifically I write about, I say, “this, that and everything“, because it’s true. Some days my focus is on de-cluttering my room, (which I do have a few more interesting posts coming soon on), and on other days I’m exploring art, design, time management, university, cooking, my relationships or even the beauty products I use. These things all play a role in my life and are things that are all slowly changing as I progressively move to a more minimalistic lifestyle. I would like to save more, help the environment more, try more things, learn more and ultimately, get more enjoyment out of my life. For me, minimalism is all about having more, by having less.

For example, I have recently done a massive cull of my clothes and I am already starting to get more enjoyment out of the ones I have left. I spend less time worrying about what I’m going to wear and can use that extra 10 or so minutes on reading a bit more of my uni work. The time I save worrying about my skin significantly reduced the time wasted in the bathroom, worrying. I’m not saying this approach works for everyone, but for someone like me who tends to worry a lot, doing these little things helps me get more out of my day, because worrying makes it harder to start and easier to procrastinate.

So, rather than agonising over what box my blog fits into or if my opening sentence of my essay is perfect, I’m just going to write, and I’ll worry about the ‘category’ later.

Also, for those of you who have been following my de-cluttering journey, I’ll be putting up a post this week all about my clothing cull. Oh my goodness, did it take a loooong time!

Alana 🙂


45 thoughts on “Blogging: Why it took me so long to start!

    1. Hi wecreateminds! I thought I was the only one who feels like this ahahahhaa. I honestly thought I need to be technical about blogging and that nobody will be interested to read my posts hehehe. Sometimes, our crazy side just stops us from exploring what’s out there. So happy for both you and me ( and the rest of the new bloggers ) to start this exciting and amazing journey:)

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      1. Yeah! I am slowing adding investments into my blog. I will say that the most expensive is going to be my studio set up( After the camera, lenses, backdrops and more im look at around $1,000) so yeah. But I don’t have a hobby so I thought this was a perfect way to create myself a hobby 🙂


  1. Good post.

    Kinda relevant I ended up merging 5/6 blogs on 5/6 totally different subjects over the course of 7 years. Nobody batted an eyelid and I continued to gain subscribers.

    Niching a blog into a specific category isn’t necessary. 😊

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  2. Awesome post! I went through the same issue of not knowing what category I would be writing about because of my vast interests, but now I just blog and It’s starting to narrow down. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. Hi! I’m quite in agreement with what you said about writing, in this post. I am a literature passionate and I, myself, too enjoy writing but I faced the same problems as fixing my thoughts on category, word-count, etc. Also, comparison to ‘mainstream’ literature just demotivates you if you’re a beginner. This was all the same when I began blogging but, I’ve come to enjoy blogging for the reason that although there’re a lot many similar blogs out there, yours is always unique. One can freely put up their thoughts, in whichever manner one wants to and, quite strikingly, they still attract a lot of attention, as one eventually finds a lot of people converging on your subject. That is, your piece of writing gives voice to many.
    I see you’re on a campaign for minimalism. I’m too a ‘de-cluttering–cleanliness-maintaining–minimalizing belongings’ freak. I’ve recently started de-cluttering my cabinets, room and whole house at once… I guess my comment comes at the right time 🙂
    Good luck!

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  4. I’ve had a similar experience when first starting to write. Sometimes if I find myself fixating on the first sentence, I’ll type out a passage that belongs in the middle of the post. Then I’ll keep writing towards the end before creating a logical intro. Then again, I always started tests in school somewhere in the middle/end and moved backwards until finishing it. Could just be a personal quirk!

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    1. Maybe I’ll have to give it a go! I’ve always been a stickler for starting my essay and word 1 and my studies get harder, I’ve realised that one can’t spend hours on the first introduction when they’ve got a whole essay to write haha!

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      1. hi Alana! I am also very new with blogging. “I felt like I needed to have a perfect plan, and some grand idea about where it was going to go. ” rings a bell hehehehehe. I was also hesitant to start blogging before coz I thought I am not really so technical about writing and that I might need to follow certain rules in writing. So happy to find inspiration here! All the best to us new bloggers 🙂

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  5. Love it! We perfectionists often obsess over getting it right so much that we never start. I read a lot of “how to” guides for blogging and they all say to pick a topic and stick with it but I think that’s boring for the writer and reader. I’m with you: just write about what you want to that day.

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    1. Spot on Dremiller! I was hesitant to start blogging as well. I was afraid that my posts will not be interesting enough and that readers might criticize my posts. Well, sometimes it’s not about what others think or feel but we think and feel about ourselves. I’ve realized that first person who needs to believe in me is ME. So happy for both you and me and the rest of the bloggers who are in this amazing journey! All the best!

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  6. Great job! I had a lot of the same fears you did before I really passionately started writing in my blog. Now I write 5 times a week and it feels awesome.


  7. Great post. With blogging starting is the key. I spent about a year wanting the perfect idea but it never came. Then I decided I would just write about things that interested me – had a about 20 initial ideas and it just went from there.

    All the best

    James 🙂

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  8. Wow Alana! That was a very interesting read. I really related a lot with this post as I think in general we all feel the same (as writers, bloggers, etc.) as to what is the best way to convey our message, will people enjoy our content and relate to it. Plus when we start it can be challenging finding our own voice, but I think you are going a great job. Plus your getting phenomenal feedback so Keep doing your thang girl! Cant wait to hear more of what you have to say 🙂

    Lets keep in touch! Whats your IG, mine is dorisfitness and if you have time you can check out my site as well

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  9. Brilliant Post. The best way to start is just to start. At school i was told how much of a failure i would become and that i was stupid, something I believed for many years. I got into blogging and honestly thought NO ONE Would care or read what i put out there.

    Over time I have grown my writing and the way that I help people. For me there needs to be a purpose to my posts, a need for someone to understand them or ask me WTF i’m on about lol.

    Brilliant post and thank you for sharing.

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