Day 2: My skin’s not perfect and that’s okay – skincare clean out.

(They say money doesn’t grow on trees, but if skincare did, I’d save a lot of money. Don’t worry Dad; I didn’t damage your spring onions.)
“Did you just look at yourself in the window?”
“No, of course not…”

Okay. Admit it. You were 100% definitely checking yourself out. Don’t worry, I do it too, we all do. I can’t count the times my parents have accused me of ‘being vain’ and it’s not because I think I’m hot stuff, but because I’m a little bit insecure about what I look like

I’ve always been a bit so-so about my appearance, particularly my skin. When ‘makeup’ and ‘skincare’ hit school, I was all over that stuff, trying to cover blemishes I didn’t even have or reduce the appearance of my freckles or even try to look a little tanner. I remember some of my “friends” pointing out the occasional pimple or spot there that I had never before even noticed and being so embarrassed and trying to cover up my chin for the rest of the day. Then, once I started using makeup I was criticised for using it, being told I was doing it wrong and I shouldn’t be so vain blah blah blah. Puh-lease, we all know most of this criticism came from the girls who had that trendy dark foundation line for a necklace and raccoon eyes for school photos.

So, I guess that’s where my slight skincare addiction began. It wasn’t necessarily because I enjoyed skincare products or had an interest in them, it was because I was incessantly fixated with every single potential flaw on my face. I’ve tried everything from basics like cetaphil to high end brands Clarins and YSL and then everything in between to try and ‘fix’ these non-noticeable flaws. Even worse, is the amount of nutritional condiments that have gone on my face, including staples such as: eggs, avocado, oatmeal, honey, lemons, gelatin, yogurt, milk, toothpaste and vegemite (once and it was awful, please don’t ever attempt). I gave up certain food groups, like dairy and sweets and then coffee and pretty much anything worth eating. I drank excessive amounts of water and regularly ‘steamed’ my face in an attempt to ‘clarify’ my complexion.

And you know what? None these remedies made any difference to the way I looked, they did not obliterate my pimples, clear out my blackheads or unclog my pores…all they did was shatter my self-confidence, confirming in my mind that I had a problem that cannot be cured.

So what changed? Well for starters, university did. I left the hypercritical environment of an all-girls school and made a whole lot of great friends at university, many of them guys, who 100% did not notice or care how my skin looked. But I still had meh skin, I started drinking, having late nights, eating a bit more junk and occasionally sleeping in my makeup which made my skin flair up a bit more.

But this time, I was working. So it wasn’t a problem, I had the money to spend on virtually every skincare product available and when one didn’t work, I’d buy another. This was just a never ending cycle, if the product I’d just bought didn’t work immediately then it was back to Myers to try another brand, and eventually, I just ended up with all these really expensive products that I don’t use, as well as wasting a lot of money as many of these items are $50+, and you need multiple.

So what did I do? I stopped buying more products. I decided one morning enough was enough, and stopped poking and picking my face. I went back to a medium-high end organic, hypoallergenic, natural brand that I used often throughout school. I bought a basic set of skincare: cleanser, toner, moisturiser, a scrub for my dry skin in winter and a mask for my oil skin in summer. That’s it, no more, no pimple cream, no eye cream, no night and day creams, none of that extra additional stuff. And I told myself, ‘you are not buying any more products until you have used up the ones you have’, and eventually my skin calmed down a little and I felt confident enough to wear makeup a little less often, which in turn improved my skin even more.

What made the difference to my skin was not some miraculous $100 cure, but consistency and patience. The consistency to: just use one product and stop jumping between things, and the patience to accept that yes this stuff takes time, it’s not magic. I just have to love what I’ve got because it’s really not that bad and I’m tired of wasting time and energy over something does not contribute to my wellbeing and just makes me unhappy. Don’t get me wrong, I still worry, just a little less now! (I think, or at least hope so).

I guess now you’re wondering what my cure for my teen acne was? Well, that’s easy, 5+ years of gruelling high school, bitchy comments and much staring in the bathroom mirror until I was no longer an oil-skinned teenager. Seriously, time has done so much more that any product I’ve ever bought. 

So, in celebration of my slight boost in skin confidence, I cleared out all my old and dead skincare products today in accordance with my new minimalistic approach to life, or what I like to call now, ‘not hoarding stuff I don’t need’. Adios you non-amigos and causers of pain, anguish and way way way too much money and hello fresh-faced, freckled and occasionally pimpled me.

Alana 🙂


Here’s me with 0% makeup, 100% sunlight and about 10% actual sleep after submitting an assignment haha.


20 thoughts on “Day 2: My skin’s not perfect and that’s okay – skincare clean out.

  1. Hello~ Thank you for dropping by my page… I never thought anyone would actually take the time to read my posts. XD You sharing your experience has made me feel a little better. I do hope that one day I can get out of this shell and be more confident with myself. The fact that you were able to do it gives me hope that I can do it too… so thank you. 🙂

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    1. No worries! It’s taken me years just to feel a little more accepting of my skin, especially when one person has a slip of the tongue and says something inadvertently critical!

      I try to remember what my parents are always reminding me, which is ‘when people are judgemental they are commenting on their own insecurities and not actually saying anything about you’. It sounds so much easier than it is though, but I guess it takes practice and time to build confidence haha. I definitely need more practice too 🙂

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    1. Yeah I think of it is just environmental changes, stress and then all that worrying about looking ‘normal’ and whatnot haha. We’re vain beings after all. Out of curiosity, what did you do to clear it up?

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  2. Hey! Thank you for reading and liking my first post xD I was really pleasantly surprised when it was the first thing I saw after waking up.

    So I was just reading through your posts, and when I saw the word “skincare”, it was like I was in a trance… I clicked like so fast before even reading the post 😅

    But I can totally relate. I’ve struggled with acne and pimples ever since the 8th grade, and it took me a loooong while before I’ve managed to clear it up.

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  3. I feel you completely. I have a ton of scaring from acne, and these products are expensive! Recently I’ve used boots botanicals face wash that was pretty impressive with getting makeup off, Leneige multi cleanser (available at target) that keeps the blemishes at bay. For makeup I recently tried HONEST beauty foundation. It’s organic, chemically free, and cruelty free. I’m trying to get all my beauty products with the same stats, but it’s hard➕

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  4. Hi Alana, thanks for stopping by and liking my page! Loved your article and I can totally relate! I’ve struggled with acne my whole life, and only recently got it under control. I’m glad you were able to find something that worked for you! 😀

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      1. I was much like you, trying pretty much everything known to man with 0 success. One of my friends introduced me to Avon and I thought, well it certainly couldn’t hurt (and it was certainly cheaper than a lot of the stuff I had tried previously). The Anew skincare line worked for me, but only after I found out what type of skin I had. I always thought I had combination skin, but it was actually very dry. So basically I was stripping my skin of the little oil it had, instead of adding some desperately needed moisture! Once my skin had what it needed, it balanced out and now I only get the occasional pimple, like you 🙂 Granted, I could get things even cheaper at a drugstore but I don’t want to switch again after finding something that worked for me and it does feel pretty good lol 🙂 One tip for those that still battle acne, try not to use SPF on your face if you can get away with it. It tends to break out people who are either already prone to acne or have sensitive skin 🙂

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      2. Thanks that’s cool to know, in case I ever need to change up my routine! I’d love to not use SPF but I’m as pasty as they come and I live in Australia which is so sunny and has high rates of skin cancer 😦

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  5. I know how you feel. I am in my 30’s and still struggle with a little acne, but is so much better than it used to be after switching to a new skincare routine. One of the major things I was looking for and found is something to get rid of old acne scars. Oh the joys of teenage skincare issues in the adult years… Haha!

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    1. I find the best way to deal with scars is usually just leaving them alone. They do fade over time and many of those home remedies like lemon juice just burn. There’s nothing wrong with having scars too I think!


  6. You look gorgeous! Your skin looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing, I also don’t feel like akin products are worth it. I don’t stress if I get a pimple here and there. It’s just not a high priority for me. And I also like to clean my face with organic or natural stuff

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