Day 1: the make-up makeover

(The mess that is my makeup feat. the king of poor judgments, super tan Mac foundation.)

I. Have. So. Much. Makeup. It Hurts.

For a single person who barely wears makeup to own as much as I do is insane. I have piles are piles of eye shadows, blushes, foundations, lip liners and lots more other things I both don’t know why I own or even how to use them. I know the saying, ‘eyebrows on fleek’, but if you’ve ever seen me try to attempt eyeliner then you know it’s a godsend I don’t attempt my eyebrows.

So, what do I do? Well for starters, I’m going to have to be ruthless. I don’t need that one shade of darker foundation that I’ve had for 5 years because I thought that one day I’d be tan (lol). I also don’t need 10+ fluro blue nail polishes that I’m holding onto because one time I needed them for my UV light rave debut. Why do I need to hold onto 6 nail files? One for each nail that I never file of course! So, I’m going to have to put my game face on and say bon voyage to that fake tanner that never worked and accept the fact I’ve never going to be tan enough to wear mac NC20, which for you makeup illiterates out there is the 3rd lightest colour (again lol).

Okay, so getting rid of it – check! But why do I have it anyway? I often feel terrible throwing things away, especially when I know how much I paid for them (I’m talking to you Napoleon Perdis lip glosses I’ve never worn), but why? If I don’t wear them anyway, and many of these products are probably out of date by now, so I can’t use them anyway, then why should I feel bad about getting rid of them?

Shopaholic’s Guilt! Ta-da! I think the fact I often feel awful throwing or giving away things I cannot use or don’t need anymore is because they were a negative purchase. Since I don’t shop for makeup much of my own accord, makeup for me is often an impulse buy, when I’m out with friends. We go into a Sephora or Myer’s and all my friends know and understand how these things work and I don’t, and if I don’t understand or care how makeup works, then am I not woman enough?

So, I get into this panic, where rather than saying to myself “hey, I’m fine with my sunscreen that’s pale enough to double as foundation and that one mascara and lipstick for those 3-4 times a month I go out”…I instead go “wtf is contouring?…Wait…Do I need to be contouring?…How does one contour?…I have nothing to contribute to this conversation, but this product is endorsed by KK so if I just buy it, no one will notice my lack of feminine knowledge”. This is followed by what I often call, ‘the great realisation’, where I watch 1 youtube makeup tutorial and then realise I don’t have time for this $50 shit. 

My advice of the day: If you’re foundation comes form the Cancer Council, you don’t need a bronzer.



5 thoughts on “Day 1: the make-up makeover

  1. I’ll make a confession here – I’m a makeup junkie! I love it. I can’t think of anything better than opening a new jar of…something…and trying it out. But these days I’ve really culling it down, and having a minimalist makeup bag is so much better. I save money, I can buy luxury cosmetics, and I don’t waste anything.

    I’ll do a post on what I use and what I own soon.

    But basically, the key to it all is finding what you love and using that. Unless you’re a model or actor you really don’t need a whole stack of different makeup looks. I get by on one shade of everything, plus a few skincare products, and my skin is looking amazing 🙂 Also, a lot of makeup has a much shorter shelf life than you might think, so owning less helps you to keep on top of that.

    Cheers 🙂

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    1. Haha that is exactly me with skincare, I’m obsessed with trying everything and it is so so so expensive ahh. That’s be great, I’d love to hear about what products you use. I have very sensitive skin so I struggle to find products that don’t cause me to break out sadly. 😦

      I also find I get given a lot of makeup being a girl and all, and so end with things such as nail polish which I hardly ever wear and it feels like such a waste to throw out brand new unopened stuff. So, I’m going to investigate whether there is best to sell/give it away. I hate wasting things-so bad for the environment. 😦


    1. So true! As soon as we see ‘SALE’, we just go crazy. I can’t believe people actually camp outside shopping centres for boxing day sales and people have died in Black Friday sales 😦

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