Yolo is a bad word, but it’s true. You only live once, so spend it with those you care about.

(My lovely chai tea at the markets)

Collect moments, not things.

Markets, they’re always buzzing. Every weekend come Sunday, there is an organic market across the road from where I live.

It’s great! There’s so many food stalls and people selling interesting things that I’ve often never heard of. Today walking around I saw someone selling almond milk yogurt, yes that’s right, almond milk yogurt…yogurt made of almonds, who would’ve known it was a thing!

But sometimes I feel overwhelmed at these markets. They’re always so crowded and the stalls are often cramped with this abundance of stuff that you don’t need. I was walking with a friend, he noticed a sunglasses stall and suddenly decided he needed a new pair of sunnies. Why? Because his old ones don’t suit his new haircut…This is after telling me he cleaned out four massive garbage bags worth of stuff.

This is something I do all the time. I clean out my room, celebrate my new, tidy and minimalistic living space and then a week later start filling it again with things I just don’t need again. Ugh, it’s the cycle that never ends! (And one I hope to break!)

So what about moments? Well today was a lovely day. Instead of spending my time on Facebook waiting for the witty political statuses and snarky comments about how Australia is turning into the worst place on earth, I went outside, in the sun. I caught up with two good friends and just spent the day enjoying their company, talking about university, life, food, holidays plans and all that usual friend chit chat haha. And one of my friends mentioned, ‘you know when we’re working we’ll only see our good friends maybe 3 or so times a month’.

Three times a month? Seriously? That’s so little! I’m used to seeing my friends every day at university and it’s not until exam season or the holidays that I realise how much I miss not seeing my friends. So, you know what I did today?

I ignored those Facebook messages and notifications buzzing in my pocket. I ignored all the stalls selling things to me that I probably do not need. Why? Because, one day I may not have the luxury of time to spend with those I care about, so it’s important I savour that moment today. 

Alana 🙂



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