Less is more? Well let’s find out!

(The desk I wish I had)


This, that & thingy-ma-bobs.

I’ve always had so much stuff. You name it I have it. From books, to clothes, to excessive amounts of cat trinkets I received as a kid. Trust me, I’ve got it.

The worst part? I’m even worse at organising all this stuff I own. I know it’s fashionable at my age to be ‘eclectic’ regarding one’s tidiness, but sometimes my ‘eclectic’ bedroom drifts into apocalyptic…oh dear (sorry parents).

You’d think having literally everything at the tip of your fingertips is a good, but I’m not so sure. I’ve conned myself into holding on to things that may ‘one day’ be useful or would be such a shame to throw out. Well, if that’s the case, why on earth do I still have a yr 10 maths textbook when I’m a third year university student? God only knows.

It’s not even just things, it’s people and social events too. I spread myself so thin across so many different social groups and then events because of good old fomo, yet, I wake up every morning tired, feeling slightly unfulfilled and realising I still can’t keep up with 30+ people.

So, I’m trying something new. I’m taking a few pointers from the minimalists in the world. I’m going to spend 30 days decluttering and organising my space and my time. So I can spend quality time with those good friends, achieve those goals, have a little more peace and finally tidy that room (and keep it tidy).

So, if you’d like to hear about a 20 year old on a quest to the holy grail of a clean and tidy room, then follow my blog. If you have any tips or tricks that’d also be more than welcome!

Alana ox


22 thoughts on “Less is more? Well let’s find out!

  1. My whole life literally fits in one bedroom. Last year, I moved to Las Vegas to help my cousin launch her organic soap business. This is when my adventure in minimalism began. I literally fly out of San Fran with my life in only 10 boxes! I’m happy to report that I returned with the same amount. I can’t wait to read about your adventure with decluttering and minimizing!

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  2. Awesome! Get your tidy on! Also, great post on the text books. I too was once a text book horder…I ended up donating all of them, plus the rest of my book collection, to my local library.

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  3. Reblogged this on Clutter Clearer Coach – Organizing and commented:
    Alana is taking awesome steps to clear her life of clutter, open up her too busy schedule, and give herself the time to connect with her friends and nature. Her blog is an excellent source of inspiration for those of you who have similar issues that are cluttering up your life. Judy, http:/ClutterClearerCoach.com/

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  4. I am the exact same! Moving twice in two years taught me something though, box up the stuff you don’t use often, if in three months you still haven’t touched it, throw it! Haha it gives you a little time to avoid the “ahh why did I throw that out?!”

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  5. Your being on mission to un-complicate and unclutter your life is admirable and something I can relate to. I’m enjoying reading your well-written blogs and am now among your followers. Thanks for liking the blog I posted today.

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  6. Alana, I have always been a neat freak. Perhaps growing up in a chaotic environment and such. Anywho, thanks for liking my blog post about 52 weeks to a new you…..it propelled me to your blog.

    I often.say to my kids less is more and now have talked my hubby into living on a hoiseboat for a while. We haven’t quite sold the house yet, but the idea has sold so we will have much to depart with at some point. Here’s to oir both doing so successfully

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